Gary McGillivray-Birnie
Gary McGillivray-Birnie

Gary McGillivay-Birnie is an award winning, international, beauty photographer. His black and white images take hold of the viewer, locking them into a gaze and igniting a deep connection to his beautiful subjects. From a seductive glance, to communicating a genuine connection, Gary’s images make a lasting impression.  

Gary began to persue his photography, greatly influenced by mentor Peter Coulson, known as the modern age black-and-white master. Gary is also inspired by greats, Peter Lindbergh and Vincent Peters. 

Recently Gary has been awarded Master of Portrait Photography (MPP) accreditation. 

Also in 2018, Gary was awarded Top 10 Portrait Photographer and his award-winning photographs featured in a variety of online publications. 

Recent location shoots include Los Angeles, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Australia.