In this black and white image, model Ingvill is posing with her back and left shoulder towards the camera
Ingvill, August 2018

Model: Ingvill McGillivray-Birnie 

Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie 

HMUA: Ingvill McGillivray-Birnie 

Gary McGillivray-Birnie Photography

Gary McGillivay-Birnie is an award winning, international, beauty photographer. His black and white images take hold of the viewer, locking them into a gaze and igniting a deep connection to his beautiful subjects. From a seductive glance, to communicating a genuine connection, Gary’s images make a lasting impression. 


Model: Ingvill in this full frontal towards the camera
Ingvill, August 2018

Model: Ingvill 

Location: Atyrau, Kazakhstan